Hill's Dog Adult Chicken (370g)
Hill\'s Dog Adult Chicken (370g)
Hill's Dog Adult Chicken (370g)
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Hill's Dog Adult Chicken (370g)

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    Hill's Science Plan Advanced Fitness Medium dog food for adult dogs of up to 5 years (large breeds) or 7 years (small breeds) of age.

    Hill's Science Plan Advanced Fitness Medium embodies the Hill's philosophy.  It strictly avoids harmful surpluses of nutrients and thus sets the standard for dog food.

    Hill's Canine Adult contains everything an adult dog needs: essential fatty acids for a healthy, shiny coat, high-quality protein for healthy muscles and optimally balanced calcium and phosphorus levels for strong bones and teeth.
    Nutritional values are checked and monitored to ensure no potentially harmful excesses are contained.  With Hill's Advanced Fitness Medium your dog will stay fit for a long, healthy life.

    Adult with Chicken: Chicken (min. 11%), liver, pearl barley, corn, pork, soybean meal, dried whey, digest, vegetable oil, calcium carbonate.
    Nutritional additives:
    Vitamin D3 [E 671] (400 IU/kg), iron [E1] (16.3 mg/kg), iodine [E2] (0.5 mg/kg), copper [E4] (2.1 mg/kg), manganese [E5] (3.6 mg/kg), zinc [E6] (51.9 mg/kg), selenium [E8] (0.08 mg/kg).
    Colouring: iron oxide



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