Aquael Shrimp Set Smart (30lt)
Aquael Shrimp Set Smart (30lt)
Aquael Shrimp Set Smart (30lt)
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Aquael Shrimp Set Smart (30lt)

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    The AQUAEL Company launches a new line of aquarium sets for shrimps – SHRIMP SET SMART.


    The sets are intended for keeping shrimps and small fish (including Siamese fighting fish), as well as for the cultivation of aquatic plants necessary for the well-being of aquarium inhabitants.
    Each set includes a fish tank, a cover glass, a protective sponge mat, a LEDDY SMART PLANT lamp, an internal PAT MINI filter, an automatic heater, and ACTI CRUSTABS shrimp feed. 


    Please Note that Aquariums will not be delivered outside of the greater Dublin Area.



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