The ultimate in fun and entertainment for dogs! Simply fill the KONG with your dog's favourite snack and let the fun begin! 
The Wobbler is a fabulous toy for playtime, providing challenge and physical activity the whole family will enjoy watching. It's also a great tool for keeping your dog entertained if you have to leave him on his own.

With the Wobbler, time will pass rapidly. 
It also presents an excellent alternative to the traditional food bowl, extending the joy of feeding time and preventing unhealthy gulping. Ideal for dogs that have to lose weight or only exercise reluctantly! 
The KONG easily opens with a screw top and your dog's whole daily food ration can be fed this way. You'll see how your dog will suddenly love to jump up and play! 


How does it work?
The Wobbler sits upright until pushed with a dog’s paw or nose, then wobbles, spins and rolls, dispensing treats through a KONG-shaped approx. 2cm hole near the top.
Dogs quickly learn that motion causes treats to fall out, but the unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned Wobbler users. 
The KONG Wobbler has a volume of approx. 2 cups full of dry food.

Please note:
If you are going to leave your dog on its own with the Wobbler, supervise him for the first few times with the new toy.
Let your dog get used to the toy and ensure he knows how to extract food from it.
The Wobbler is very robust, but in isolated cases very large dogs may crush the toy while chewing it. Immediately remove the toy if this happens.