Choosing a family pet...


Here are a few tips to ensure that you make the right decision when considering adding another pet to your household.


Where do you live?... do you live in a small apartment?  If so, a large dog or even an energetic puppy would not be suitable.  But make sure you do your research before choosing your pet.  Certain small breeds of dog (such as a Jack Russell Terrier) are extremely active and need lots of room, while a large dog (such as a greyhound) may be fine in an apartment home as they are often couch potatoes.


A big house with a backyard might be more suitable to dog owners, so consider getting a cat or aquarium based pet that wouldn’t mind being contained in a smaller living space.


Don’t forget to consider your neighbours.  While a bird may not leap through your apartment like a Boxer Dog, they can be loud and certain species may disturb your neighbours.


Who will be responsible to look after the pet?...   if you work long hours you should consider animals such as fish or reptiles that do not require constant attention.


Also, if you are a family that likes to take several trips during the year, you will need to decide who will be responsible for taking care of your pet when you are away.


Parents with very young children, who require a lot attention, may find that having an excitable puppy or kitten that also requires a lot of attention would not be suitable.


What is your budget?...   caring for an animal can be expensive.  So it is important to set a budget beforehand and choose your pet accordingly.  You will need to purchase toys for your pet to play with, food bowls and living spaces such as an aquarium for fish, a cage for birds or a heat tank for reptiles.


Remember certain animals have very specific diets and as a result they require specific foods which can also increase your budget. 


And do not forget the vet bills.  From annual check ups to unexpected illnesses, the cost can add up quickly.  Before choosing a pet, it is recommended to talk with your local vet and ask about the typical costs involved in looking after your chosen pet.  Pet insurance may be an option to help cut down on the unforeseen medical costs.


What kind of pet should you bring into the family?...   the pet you choose depends on many factors.  If you have smaller children and don’t have a lot of time to look after your new pet, consider animals that are easiest to care for, such as fish, hermit crabs or sea monkeys.

If you are looking for a dog, Golden Retrievers, Labradors and Boxer Dogs would be a great addition as they are some of the most energetic and faithful companions a family could have.


And if you are looking at reptiles, a corn snake, leopard gecko or water turtle are best for beginners.